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Ceramica Assunta founded in the 1948 by Mrs. Cuomo Assunta has been for years a producer and sellers of the typical Positano artistic hand made ceramics.
We have always offered at our customers a widely and very good ceramic's selection.
We have two beautiful, very assorted stores in the Positano centre.

Via C. Colombo, 97 - Positano Via C. Colombo, 137 - Positano

Our best product? The choice we offer, giving you the possibility to make your personalized plate setting with very competitive prices.
Delete your time mixing and matching all colours and patterns.
We ship our pieces wherever you like having a lot of care in the packing using the fastest shipping companies with the lowest prices like U.P.S. and D.H.L.
What are you waiting?
We are on the web ready to make you happy because your happiness is also ours.